No Grainer - Paleo Wraps 4 Pack

$18.97 each
Gluten Free


No Grainer Paleo Wraps are perfect for anyone following a gluten-free, keto or Paleo diet. They are super low-carb and contain only pure, wholesome ingredients, with absolutely no emulsifiers, gums or weird numbers. You can now turn your favourite meals like tortillas, enchiladas, kebabs & gyros into healthy grain-free treats. Try pan frying them in olive oil & making flat breads with dips, or oven baking them to enjoy as a keto pizza – the possibilities are endless! Each 400g pack contains four wraps.


Water, organic coconut cream, blanched Australian almond flour, organic apple cider vinegar, organic chia seeds, organic golden flaxmeal, organic psyllium, coconut oil, baking powder (grain free), Himalayan salt. Warning: Contains tree nuts. May contain traces of sesame seeds, walnuts & eggs. Made in a dedicated gluten free kitchen.