Good Fish - Tuna Fillets In Olive Oil 120g

$8.99 each


This incredible Skipjack tuna is among the world’s most delicious eating tuna, while being a responsible and sustainable choice. Tender and lovely to eat, it is fished off the coast of the Canary Islands in fully sustainable fishing zones (FAO Area 34) by hand using ancient line-and-pole techniques. Only one fish at at time is caught, ensuring each catch is entirely dolphin safe. Fish are caught only when in season so that they are at their peak, then snap chilled for processing in Spain using traditional hand-filleting techniques. As is the tradition in these parts, all the filleting is done by highly skilled female processors. Preserved in certified organic extra virgin olive oil, these fillets are wonderful to eat simply taken from the jar, or in pasta dishes, salads, with rice or quinoa or any way you like it.


Wild fished Sustainably caught (in FAO Area 34) under the European Commission's Common Fisheries Policy. Caught by line and pole (no sonar or drift netting) Fished to quotas 100 percent skipjack tuna 100 percent dolphin safe BPA free Chemical free Additive free Certified organic (olive oil) Hand processed Fair trade (workers are responsibly paid) Anti slavery Nutrient rich

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